Stefania Giombini

Dra. Stefania Giombini
Universitat de Girona, España

I am currently Invited Researcher of History of Ancient Law at The University of Girona (Spain); I have already been Adjunct Professor of History of Law (especially of Ancient Law), Invited Professor and Invited Researcher in the same University since 2013.
My career starts from studies on Ancient Philosophy (degree in Ancient Philosophy at the University of Perugia-Italia; PhD in Ancient Philosophy at the Pontifical Lateran University) - in particular on Sophistry and Rhetoric- and my investigation is now focused on History of Law (in particular in ancient rhetoric texts by Vth B.C. orators);I also worked and published on 'Antilogy' and its role in ancient and contemporary Penal Debate.
I’m Scientific Director of Eleatica (a biennal congress on Ancient Philosophy) and also Series Director of the 'Eleatica Series' by Academia Verlag (Baden-Baden).