Cuentos y cantos de Tlaxcalancingo, Puebla

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Sybille de Pury


The six Nahuatl texts were collected in Tlaxcalancingo, Puebla, and chosen to show the variety of genres in the modem oral literature. "The Charcoalmaker" is a moral tale about a rich man and a poor charcoalmaker. The second story, "The Witch", deals with the supernatural. In it, a man kills his wife when he discovers that she is a witch who sucks the blood of children. In "The Spaniard and the Mexican", a Spaniard gives away his horse and gets stung by bees because he misunderstood the warning in Nahuatl that an Indian gives him. In the story "The Possum with the Cactus Fruit", the possum deceives the coyote in a series of episodes. The words of three songs are given. One song is for the month-naming, another for the second-day memorial service for the dead, and the third for Lent. Finally, the music for two other songs without words is included.



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de Pury, S. (2013). Cuentos y cantos de Tlaxcalancingo, Puebla. Tlalocan, 9.
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Sybille de Pury

Doctora en lingüística de la Universidad de Paris IV. Investigador del CNRS (Francia). De su bibliografía se puede citar Qul ques observations sur les transcription du nahuatl en colaboración con J. Galarza; La logique de l'emprunt; Le saltillo en mexicano.Actualmente investiga sobre la construcción del discurso en los cuentos, y sobre la influencia del español en los dialectos modernos.