Language and Symbolic Representation in Contemporary Mayan Poetry: a Linguistic and Literary Analysis of “Yaan a bin xook” by Briceida Cuevas Cob (2005)

Manya Wubbold


This investigation, based on the dual analysis (linguistic/literary) of the Mayan version of the poem “Yaan a bin xook”/ “Irás a la escuela”/“You Will Go to School” written by Briceida Cuevas Cob (2005), focuses on how cultural belief, practice, and iconic representation are communicated through language.  By working closely with Mayan language and culture expert Rolando Ek Naal, a native speaker of Maya, key terms and concepts throughout the poem have been examined to identify cultural symbolism that is embedded linguistically.   Besides the expertise of Mr. Ek Naal, this study has also been guided by the commentary of the poet herself, taken from a personal interview granted in 2012.  Although, Cuevas Cob is a contemporary poet and in this poem speaks about issues facing young Mayan women today, many aspects of the language and imagery that she uses (as this study demonstrates) can be traced to Ancient belief and expression

Palabras clave

Mayan contemporary poetry, linguistic/literary analysis, Mayan language, symbolic representation.


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